New yarn from Shilasdair has arrived

I had a very exciting parcel yesterday, my order of beautiful hand dyed double knit from Shilasdair in the Isle of Skye. I was so inspired by these yarns that I took them out into the garden to photograph, it was such a really sunny afternoon. As all the yarns are dyed using traditional plants I thought how fitting it would be to photograph them in natural surroundings. So an enjoyable afternoon was spent with my little ‘helper’ (my son) taking pictures of the yarns against a backdrop of ivy & heather in my garden.

Shilasdair yarn

Shilasdair yarn

I have never knitted with these yarns before so have set myself a project for a small colour work purse. Colour work is fairly new to me so I thought I try something small & simple hence the floral/lace pattern in three colours. This is probably going to be another free pattern to add to my library of freebies & I would like to knit up a few of the purses to sell. So far I have a pattern & the yarn; I need to set about winding the yarn into balls & then little mini skeins. It is a bit like a military operation when my son is at pre-school all day, once my baby girl has settled to sleep I can then attempt to do a few of the things I can’t do when she needs me or my son is home. It does take much longer to complete things & it is a case of little and often & multi-tasking!

Talking about winding yarn – I’m in the process of trying to decide what to wind my balls with?! I am going to buy a yarn swift as using the back of a chair isn’t great. But I can’t quite decide on whether to buy a table top ball winder, use a nostepinne or cheap equivalent of a toilet roll inner tube, or carry on by hand. I think that’s a topic for another day.


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