More knitting please!!

How lovely it is to be able to get stuck into some knitting, albeit for only a little while at a time. I have started a pair of socks for me, using dpns & my JellieBean spring medley yarn. The pattern I’m using is called Enigma from Let’s Knit January issue, it’s really good & as the title suggests the socks are different each time. You use multi-coloured yarn, and allocate certain colours from your yarn to purl stitches, so for mine I decided that all pink & purple stitches I came to would be purled. The effect is fun and each time the socks would knit up differently depending on how many colours you purled & which colours you purled. I like knitting on dpns although it did take me a while to get used all those needles flapping about (they don’t really, but you do have to careful that they don’t poke you!). I’m not sure how long they’ll take me to finish, but I’m doing a few rounds every day, so they shouldn’t take too long.

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Also on the needles is my own FairIsle/colour work design for a purse using Shilasdair Luxury DK. This is so soft to knit with & I don’t think it would take much effort to hand felt it – something else to add to the list of things to do. I’m now on to my second pattern repeat. The original design has changed to a heart pattern. I’m thinking of having the front panel knitted, then the back made from recycled felted jumper/blanket & the lining in a lovely cotton fabric. I can knit this fairly quickly, although I tend to do it when my son is at pre-school as he loves to pull on the bobbins. Trying not to discourage the interest, slightly difficult when he’s tugging at my knitting?!

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