Enigma sock progress

A little while ago I decided I should make an effort to try and knit a pair of socks on dpns. I’ve knitted hand warmers on chunky dpns and found that quite easy. Usually I knit socks on two needles and have a particular pattern that I love and works well every time (see older blog posts for Jeanette Trotman book info.) In a recent Let’s Knit magazine was a lovely pattern called Enigma by Ann Crick, knitted on 2.5mm dpns. The yarn I’m using is JellieBean Spring Medley sock yarn and is lovely to work with. So far I have found this pattern fairly easy, although I do find it probably takes me a bit longer to knit with dpns than two needles, but I do love the way you don’t have to purl you just keep on knitting and the stocking stitch is created by ‘magic’. For this pattern you have to choose a colour or colours to purl, I have chosen pink & purple – this has created the bumpy effect you can see throughout the body of the sock. I really like the ankle & heel section – this is worked by slipping & knitting alternate stitches & it creates a thicker fabric. I’m on the home straight now, till I reach the toe, just knitting round & round. I already have my next dpns sock project in mind, well more than one, but of course I have to do the second sock yet. Although I did read someone’s blog once who said, that to combat potential boredom when knitting second socks start knitting the first one of the second pair then come back to the last one of the first pair. I might just do that.

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