A new passion?

Wow! I think might have discovered a new passion – biscuit making using a cookie press!! I received one free as part of a subscription to the weekly cake decorating magazine. I remembered we had one at home when I was little & loved it. So this morning after having spent a few days (things take much longer to do now with two young children) researching how to & recipes I set about making. The best bits of info I found was the ‘spritz’ cookie recipe & DO NOT grease your baking trays. Lily gave me about half an hour to get stuck in!? Well it couldn’t be simpler, providing you follow the advice. The first couple of cookies that press out won’t be your best (as you can see below in the top right of the photo) but after that it’s so easy. I made loads, I lost count of how many. I had to make them in two sittings, as I had to pick up Leon from pre-school. I made another 40ish in the evening, which because they only take 6 minutes to cook I did in under half an hour. I am very pleased with the results. I will consider upgrading to a stainless steel version, as I’m sure this will be something I do on a regular basis. As today was my first attempt I kept them simple, but did add cherries & chocolate buttons to some. I will be attempting icing decoration, although I think I will need more than half an hour for that!


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