Bits & pieces

Yesterday my baby girl & I had our first day out together, just us. We went out on the bus & spent a lovely few hours. I bought some fabric & buttons for my workbox from the market, can’t have too many buttons or bits of fabric. Not the best of photos, it was taken at about 11pm last night. I’ve taken to staying up quite late now as the children go down fairly well, and I manage to get about three hours, but by the time I’ve caught up on this, that and the other, it’s gone in a flash. I plan on making more coin purses with this. I recently joined a craft group, and through the spring & summer it will be every two weeks, two hours of dedicated crafting!!! Heaven. On the next session I will be starting scrapbooking with my children’s photos. I’ve had all the stuff for years, but found it hard to get going with it, so now I can, hooray!

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Had a lovely lunch while I fed my baby & did a bit of shopping. I find it incredibly hard to spend money on myself, I find it much easier to buy things the children need or necessary things like toiletries & food or craft stuff. I find going into clothes shops just too confusing, I tried to buy a pair of tights from M&S & couldn’t decide which ones so didn’t bother. I have bought some beautiful dresses via auction on Ebay, when I was younger I never really liked the idea of 2nd hand, but since having children I have fallen in love with it. With regard to children’s clothes, they wear them for such a short period of time that I have found some real bargains over the years. It was all over too quickly, will definately be doing it again. It was especially good to have a bit of distance from my son, he is quite challenging at the moment & I certainly don’t have the constant energy needed as my baby needs a lot too as I am still breast feeding her. We recently started her on solids, and she is enjoying her morning porridge, soon to be extended to fruity purees & lunch in a few weeks time.

There are some days, mornings to be specific were I don’t feel any further forward with the two children than I did a few months ago. Some days are better than others. My little boy is in pre-school for 19 hours a week and doing really well, he loves it and I’m so glad we are lucky enough to have the pre-school where we live.

Crafting is kind of a sporadic affair. Over the Easter holidays I did some baking, which I loved & want to get into doing more. I love making biscuits with my cookie press & cakes. My next cake will be a choc & vanilla marble cake with cholate ganache topping. I’ve been trying to do it all day & have put my foot down that today is the day I will make it, umm we shall see.


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