Travelling socks

Recently I’ve started a new knitting project on my Ravelry swap group called ‘Travelling Socks’. The group consists of 17 knitters, we all started by knitting our toes using the toe-up technique. Well I was learning new techniques right from the start as I’ve never done toe-up before. I’ve only recently started to knit cuff down socks with double point needles. Unfortunately after a few attempts and having to deal with both children teething at the same time, I could not complete my toes in time, but very kindly one of the other members offered to knit mine for me. Then in a round robin fashion each set of toes is posted to the next person on the list to knit the next section in the sock and so on until each completed sock returns to it’s original owner. The picture below shows the first section of knitting that I completed on someone elses sock.

The pattern that we are using is called Travelling Socks by Wendy Gaal of the Knitters Brewing Co. & also Measuring for Custom Socks. Lots of measurements need to be taken and a bit of maths also to work out how much each person has to knit. Every knitter has to put a little bag together with their toes, a small notepad with measurements & other details like colour preferences, allergies etc.

Out of the list of 17 I have so far had 4 pairs of toes/socks to add my bit of knitting to. Each pair of toes/socks I receive is slightly longer than the last. I’m really enjoying seeing the different combinations of colours/yarns. I have learnt a new form of joining in a new thread – I never even knew there were different ways; I tried the Russian join and really love it, it definately makes for a seam free join.

The picture above is my last set of toes that I knitted on, I really like these. The colours are darker than in true life; they are a lovely mix of alternate greens & purples. I have a lot of toes/socks to knit on before I get my pair back, I can’t wait, it should be round about time when the weather starts to get cold. Some knitters have asked for ‘spoiler’ photos, but I (so far) have asked not to see mine, as I want it to be a surprise…

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